föstudagur, október 16, 2009

Ánægja með þjónustu Sorphirðunnar: Bréf frá Nour

Í tilefni af grein sem Nýhilstinn Haukur Már skrifaði og birtist upprunalega á Smugunni, birtir Nýhil hér bréf frá Noor Al-Azzawi, sem Haukur Már nefnir í grein sinni.

Þýðingu á bréfinu má nálgast hér.

I’ve been crying a lot and become more cry, I love Iceland so much and I was hoping to stay there all my life forever ,But they did not give me a chance of survival and life . Why? I want to know why

I did not see good people in my life like the people of Iceland

I am now in Greece do not know what to do and did not sleep for 3 days
They put me in the airport prison, I swear my life more than 100 people inside the prison, I could not sleep I did not find the place or a bed to sleep,
This morning They told me you have to come with us for the interview, I swear to God the time of interview was not more than 10 minutes and after that they told me You Free, i asked them where to go
I do not have a place here in Greece, they told me that (you want to go or you want to stay here in prison)

I do not want to speak more because I do not want to hurt myself a lot
All I want to say now and I’m crying like a baby:
I loved Iceland and I hope to see you agine guys in iceland and Thank you very much to each person he help me, I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT
With love and sincerity and respect for all

Noor Al-Azzawi

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