miðvikudagur, október 18, 2006

Gagnrýni um Veru og Linus í Publisher's Weekly

Stærsta og virtasta málgagn heims í útgáfumálum, Publisher's Weekly, birti í vikunni ritdóm um hið Nýhil-útgefna prósaverk Vera og Linus. Dómurinn er á þessa leið:
"In this unusual collection of what are arguably prose poems, sketches or pieces of flash fiction, husband and wife Ball (March Book, 2004) and Björnsdottir introduce a charming yet gruesome pair of protagonists: Vera and Linus. They are childlike, living in a world where giving presents and playing are top priority, but they are also devoted lovers and perhaps siblings. Their twisted fairy tale world is as magical as it is disturbing: in it, a treasure chest opens up to reveal an entire lake inside, and children and animals are tortured for the protagonists' amusement. Episodes of violence ("Vera and Linus broke the dog's neck and put the body into a brown canvas bag which they tied neatly with great satisfaction") are often sewn seamlessly into scenes of fanciful beauty: "...their sorrows were carried away... to the court of the sea-king, and dined on there to much acclaim...." The light touch and often archaic feel of the prose owes as much to Kafka as to classic fairy tales. Certainly many readers will find this book unsettling, but most will also find it hard not to remember a time when the world was filled with this kind of fearful mystery and wonder, though hopefully not this kind of violence."
Nýhil óskar Jesse og Þórdísi til hamingju. Veru & Linus má kaupa í öllum helstu bókabúðum.

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